Sue: Since I was a little girl, I?ve had exactly one hero. My big sister. You know how much I worshipped her? She was the sun and the moon to me. And while I was still very young, I noticed that other people didn?t feel the way I did. People were rude to her. They were cruel. They laughed at her. And so I began to pray. I prayed every night for her to get better. And nothing changed. So I prayed harder. And after awhile I realized that it wasn?t that I wasn?t praying hard enough. It?s that no one was listening. Asking someone to believe in a fantasy, however comforting, isn?t a moral thing to do. It?s cruel.

Emma: Don?t you think that?s just a little bit arrogant?

Sue: It?s as arrogant as telling someone how to believe in God, and if they don?t accept it, no matter how open hearted or honest their dissent, they?re going to hell? Well, that doesn?t sound very Christian, does it?

Emma: Well if that?s what you believe, that?s fine. But please keep it to yourself.

Sue: As long as you do the same.

Glee 2x06

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