"I was also playing with that [intolerance] when I created Professor Lupin, who has a condition which is contagious, of course, and so people are very frightened of him; and I really like Professor Lupin as a character because he's someone that also has a failing, because although he is a wonderful teacher (one I myself would have liked to have had as a teacher) and a wonderful man, he does like to be liked and that's where he slips up. He's been disliked so often that he's always so pleased to have friends, so he cuts them an awful lot of slack."
JK ROWLING on Remus Lupin

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11.07.2010 kl.18:25

Min favoritt av alle i Harry Potter!

Da jeg leste fangen fra Azkaban, forelsket jeg meg i ham... jeg var 10... enda et tegn p at jeg er rar

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