my life is average - life is normal today

jeg bare M dele noen MLIA-historier med dere!

Today, in my AP Government class, I made a connection between the War on Terror and the Grindlewald vs. Dumbledore battle. Not only did I get an "A" on the assignment, the entire class now understands American foreign policy. MLIA

My lit teacher has two sets of legos on her desks. Pirates and Ninjas. Every day their positions and hostages change a little because she says they fight at night. She's my favorite. MLIA

Today, I was in BJs wholesale store and I was riding on the back of the cart like a little kid while my mom was pushing in. In her complaint about how kiddish I was acting we passed another cart with a boy my age, 18, riding on the back of it as well. His mom was complaining about the same thing. We high fived. MLIA

Today, I dreaded going to my eight o'clock Chemistry class. After I got there, the professor walked in, sprayed alcohol all over the desk, and lit it on fire. Needless to say, I am encouraged to show up Wednesday. MLIA

Today someone asked me why I chose to go to my college. I told him it was because of the beautiful campus and outstanding academics. The real reason? The nearby Nestle factory often makes the air smell like chocolate in the morning. He'll never know. MLIA

Today I walked downstairs wearing a black t-shirt and black pants. My brother said I looked emo. Then my little sister came down and said I looked like a ninja. I know who's the smarter sibling. MLIA

Today, I went on and found out that there is 1 person in the United States with the name Albus Dumbledore. I must find this person. MLIA

Today, I told my sister that everything is better when it is British, she did not agree. I compared the Beatles to the Jonas Brothers and Harry Potter to Twilight. She understood. MLIA.

Today, I met two friends named Harry and Ron at school. I'm a girl and my last name is Granger. If anything is more meant to be, I don't know what is. MLIA

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